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During Olympics the media focus has been mostly among the negative sides of Rio (dirty waters, poverty, criminality etc). No doubt those things exists but I wish people would also hear about all the positive and beautiful this city has to offer. Spent two weeks here (with a baby), felt nothing but safe, saw many of the most beautiful views of all time, locals were extremely helpfull even though we didnt share a common language and nowhere else have ppl been so considerate towards family travelling with a kid than here. Obviously there are problems but the vast majority of the people living here are very kind and welcoming so let's also show a little appreciation towards our Olympic host. Rio, it was a pleasure, we will for sure miss you. ❤ #rio2016 #riodejaneiro #brazil #goodbyefornow #untillwemeetagain #nofilterneeded

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Joshua Dunkley-Smith,Will Lockwood,Joshua Booth& Alex Hill Silver Men's Coxless Fours. #AUS #OneTeam #Rio2016 #ByeCrop

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So the Olympics finally came to an end. I will stay in Rio for a few days but it's time to conclude this massive event. The Rio games offered a marvelous setting, creating beautiful backgrounds to the outdoor sports. Visually it has been a very great Olympics, however on the organizing side a lot was a disaster: the transportation system wasn't working most of the time, the lack of proper food in venues and the MPC caused people loosing weight and the big amount of robberies and thefts has been a constant stress. The games were too wide-spread and should have been closer to the Brazilian people. The beach volleyball venue was a perfect example of how the Olympics could have been. Having said that, I will never forget this experience. I'm proud of the coverage that I together with my colleagues Daniel Stiller (@danielstiller), Carl Sandin (@carlsandin) and Petter Arvidson (@petterarvidson) have done. The images will last on forever. However, it's not time to say goodbye to Rio quite yet. I'm staying for a few days and hope to see another part of Rio than inside the Olympic bubble. #bildbyran @bildbyran #Nikon #D5 #NikonAmbassador #nikoneurope @nikoneurope #rio2016 #riodejaneiro #brazil #brasil #olympics #olympicgames #lagoa #sportsphotography

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